Friday, June 15, 2012

Adam Sandler: Remembering The Great Past

   "That's My Boy" is about to come out and Adam Sandler will once again disappoint us with a mediocre performance, with forced humor and strong scenes in an attempt to make us laugh through pure obnoxiousness, this all is a sad sad thing. There was a time when Adam Sandler used to make us laugh, where the movies he was in were funny and not trashy, where he didn't rely on pure grossness or absurdity to make us laugh but actually cared about his jokes and attempted to be semi intelligent, it breaks our hearts to see where Adam's career has ended up. With all this in mind we decided that it would be a fun exercise to remember the first 4 great films that Adam Sandler was in, the movies that stole our hearts and made us love him, these are the "Adam Sandler Classics".

   Billy Madison

    This was the first big "blockbuster" of his career, this was the movie that put him on the map for sure, though a comedy, this movie will forever belong within "must watch" lists in the ages to come. This movie pokes fun at all the different issues we face while growing up at school, from preschool to high school Adam Sandler gives a satire on all the troubles we face while in those periods of our life. The struggle of being the "cool kid", or the "bully", from trying to be popular and trying to come back from being the school loser to winning the school over, all these things are portrayed in this movie brilliantly. This movie spawned a series of other movies based on similar variations of this character, thus causing "Billy Madison" to be the first on our list and our favorite by far out of all of his movies.

   Happy Gilmore

    This movies deserves mad respect, making golf fun is not an easy thing to do so the fact that golf is fun here is a big deal, also the Adam Sandler we loved in "Billy Madison" is back, not forcing his jokes but making good intelligent silly jokes about golf, life and everything. The greatness of many of Adam Sandler's earlier movies had a lot to do with the subtlety of the jokes and not the absurdity of the joke, they used to be able to entertain us while making a good point. One strong point within these movies is the fact that a 4 year old can watch them and laugh while a 50 year old can watch it and laugh, both laughing at the same joke for two separate reasons, but both laughing. Making a joke generational is a tough thing and thus the beauty of this movie.

     The Wedding Singer

    This was a step up in Adam Sandler's career, this was the moment he dropped his previous motif and attempted to play a different type of "funny" while keeping some of elements we loved from his previous characters, and it was a job well done. Drew Barrymore compliments this movie perfectly giving the movie that extra touch it needed to be pure gold, this was one of the performances that put her on the map (other movies did it but this was the one that made us all start to love her). Here we also learn the fact that Adam can sing and that he is a fantastic lyricist, there were many a hopeless romantics who after watching this movie learned the song "Grow Old With You" or the pained song "Somebody Kill Me", this movie will live on as a classic within the Sandler timeline.

    The Waterboy

    There is something about this movie that makes us laugh every time we watch it, maybe it's the play on sheltering parents, or on a good movie about a naive boy learning to be a man, or it might be all these elements together that make us love this movie from beginning to end, this was one of the most memorable performances in his comedic career for sure. This isn't the best acting job in his career, nor does it host the best story within the movies in his career but for some reason it's one of the most memorable of all the movies he was in, people quote this movie without knowing they are quoting this movie, it just stays with you, in a good way. If you haven't seen this one we recommend you watch this movie, we recommend you watch all four of these movies, all of them are really good, it'll give you a better perspective on Adam Sandler, promise.

   There were other good movies in his career that came after this one, but it was around 2005 that his last good movie came out and every other movie after that was just progressively wretched, the good ones that came before 2005 that you might want to check out are "Punch-Drunk Love", "Big Daddy", "50 First Dates", and "Mr. Deeds", these are all awesome, my favorite being "Big Daddy" for sure. Hopefully Adam Sandler will start making good movies again, we pray for that for sure, we miss his good work. Anyway, this weekend you can either go watch Tom Cruise as he goes through a mid-life crisis or watch Adam Sandler as he performs within another crappy movie, both of which might be entertaining but most likely will leave you underwhelmed, if you need an escape brave these out, if not then this is a good weekend to stay in an go bowling or something.

    We hope you have had a great week and pray that this weekend might be a great one for you,

 Love from your humble blogger,

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