Monday, June 18, 2012

YouTube Appreciation Day!!!

    YouTube has been a part of our lives for a while now and though we loved it at first YouTube has begun to lose some numbers as of late, which brings sadness to our hearts. YouTube is a beautiful site for it allows people to share their talent, lives, skills, and potentially get their name out there while not spending a dime, this is a great thing. With this YouTube recession taking place we thought it would be a cool thing to have a YouTube appreciation day, a day where we post some of our favorite YouTubers on here and give you a brief description as to why we think they are awesome. Obviously some of them you already know being that we feature them quite a bit, but there are a few that you might not know that will help you waste some time this Monday. We hope that you might find some humor within these videos and that they might make your Monday a bit better.

  Phillip D Franco

     This isn't news to many of you, PhillyD is by far my all time favorite YouTuber, there is something about his show that has kept me entertained for many years now. He isn't for everyone and we try to keep this blog as family friendly as possible so we won't be posting a video here but if you click on the picture you'll be linked to his latest video. He is the best news source out there, well not really the best news source, but he is a good source for news updates and the general "here is what is happening in the world". The issue with Phil that makes him not family friendly is that he curses a bit and has a tendency to make some jokes that might offend some people. With all that being said, you either love him or hate him, if you don't mind the cursing then I recommend you check him out, he'll keep you entertained and informed, welcome to the nation.

Cheap Cool Crazy

   Another thing you might know from reading this blog for a while is that IGN is a great resource for information in the web. What some of you might not know is that IGN has various shows they do on the web one of which is "Cheap Cool Crazy", this show is family friendly and it is a sort of "the shopping network type show where you learn about cool products out there that you had no idea previously existed. If you have five minutes to spare this is a good choice for sure, you might learn something cool. The great thing about IGN shows is that you can count on them being funny, well written, good quality and packed with good useful information, so give it a look you might just love this series.

Up At Noon

   There are many IGN shows and this is the last one we'll be featuring in this segment, but we couldn't help including it here. "Up At Noon" is a late night television spoof, so you can expect the corny jokes that you would find in Letterman or Conan but about games, movies and tech. The show does follow the same format as late night television, so you have some jokes in the beginning, some news, and interviews as well. This is a great show for anyone that appreciates those late night hosts, the jokes are cheesy and well written, you even learn some from the show, overall this is by far my favorite show that IGN hosts, and it is a definite good recommendation to everyone.

Epic Meal Time

    These guys crack me up every time, they are definitely not family friendly so no video will be posted here but if you click on the picture above you'll be linked to their latest video. This channel is basically a mock cooking show where they make recipes all based off of bacon, each recipe being more absurd than the last, and though they look absurd they also look awesome, they look like something you would love to try and then die from a heart attack due to the unhealthy nature of all the dishes. It is said that since they started filming last year that they gained a combined weight of 315 pounds! The whole thing is absurd, but it is so funny and awesome, we recommend you give it a watch and live vicariously through these crazy guys. We don't recommend you try any of their recipes though, unless you don't care about your heart and such, for though they look appetizing these dishes look toxic to the soul. This is a great show, you should give it a watch and judge for yourselves.


   MysteryGuitarMan has been one of my favorite YouTubers for many years now, here is a great YouTuber with tons of talent that should be talked about more and more. He happens to be Brasilian as well and attempts to feature something in Portuguese within each of his videos, I appreciate this being Brasilian myself and all. He has been featured in various sites and news programs, MGM has got amazing talent, be it for video editing to musical talent, the guy is a genius for sure. We have spoken about MGM many times before but we can't help but talk about him again, here is a man deserving of all the attention he continuously gets. If you have a chance you should check out some of his videos today, they will entertain you and make your day a little better.

 We hope you have a great week and pray that it might be a safe one. Hopefully some of these videos might make your Monday that much better.

Love from your humble blogger,

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