Wednesday, June 13, 2012

E3, Comic-Con, VidCon: Why They Are Awesome

    With E3 behind us there are a few conventions left that you should be aware about, and some that have already occurred that you should be aware of. The first big bit of news that happened recently was that Apple just had their own press conference unveiling new devices and showing the improvements to some of the older products we know and love. The conference was fantastic and many people have covered it intensely, though we are aware that many of you don't care about computer specs and so forth so for a good recap of the show you can view it HERE, keep in mind that Phillip D Franco does curse a bit in his videos so if you are offended by that then don't watch that link. PhillyD also did coverage of this year's E3 and will be covering some of the conventions we will be talking about today, so if you are interested in following them as they go PhillyD is a good choice. We're going to give you a brief overview of said conventions here, but we'll be covering it fully as the conventions approach, so no worries, this is more of a "raise awareness to the existence of these cons" post not a "here is everything you need to know about them" post.

    The first big con you should be aware of is the upcoming Vidcon, which is basically a gathering of YouTube celebrities where you have all the big names within YouTube come together to learn from one another and have a good time. Last year's Vidcon had a lot of good surprises come out of it, and the videos that circulated from the event were rather funny and educational. If YouTube is your thing then this con is for you, Phill will be covering the con so you can follow the happenings through him or most other entertainment sources, IGN will surely do a piece on it as well, so if you are more of a reader than a vid watcher maybe that will be a better medium for you. Vidcon this year will take place in LA on July 28th -30th.

    The big convention that is coming up shortly on July 12th through the 15th is Comic-Con 2012. Comic-Con started as a more comic centered convention but has now become much much more. This convention is big news to everyone for here we learn about new TV shows that are coming out and movies that Marvel and DC are putting together, to comics, a much more. There is no telling what will be unveiled every year at Comic-Con but speculations are high this year on what Marvel and DC have in store for us for next year. The convention is famous for the massive amounts of fans that flock there every year, and of course the great costumed fans that show up keep the show interesting and entertaining.

    Some of the big news circulating is that we'll get some more feedback on what's going on with "The Amazing Spider-man", we wouldn't be surprised if some information about "The Avengers" came out there as well. There are also rumors circulating about a possible reboot of the "Green Lantern" series, which would take us by surprise being that the latest movie wasn't necessarily all that bad. A full list of what's to be expected in this year's Comic-Con will be made public as we near the event, but mentioning that this convention exists was the main goal here, many are not aware of the conference and frankly being that this is a big deal we figured we should pass the word along. For more details on this year's Comic-Con visit their main site HERE.

Proof that YouTube's got a lot of talent, MysteryGuitarMan
     We all have passions and sometimes great minds get together to put on a convention where great minds that think alike can come together to bond, exchange ideas, share their work with the public and try to make a name for themselves. These conventions, E3 included, are fun for we learn about what the big dogs in the industry are doing and generally get pleasant surprises about what to expect for the coming year, but there is another side to these events, the fact that upcoming artists, programmers, vloggers, and so forth can display their work, network and try to make a name for themselves, and that is an awesome thing. We're all about supporting the little guy, we think that pushing upcoming talent is the future. Sometimes people forget that without these guys the industry would die, and therefore though these events are a lot of fun and a lot of information is passed along, there is also another more beautiful element present, and that is of giving people a chance to show their talent and blow the world's mind.

     As these conventions draw nearer we'll fill you in on what is going on, what is being announced and all that fun stuff. We hope your week has been going well, and pray that it might be a safe one.

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