Friday, June 8, 2012

Prometheus Review: A Solid Addition To The Series

     This will be a tough blog post to produce without giving any spoilers away but no worries no spoilers are contained within this post, so read on without any concerns. This is the fifth movie in the "Alien" series and is a prequel to the series, this is basically Ridley Scott's attempt to close a few loose ends and bring life to this loved series once again. The first thing that must be said is that this movie is directed brilliantly, this is a true Ridley Scott production, from start to finish you are hooked on what is happening on screen awaiting the inevitable scare that always surprises us and never disappoints. The movie looks beautiful, as far as direction goes this movie is a 5/5, casting was brilliant and acting was superb, not once do you find yourself being face to face with bad acting or a dull moment, this is a great addition to the series, not better than Alien or Aliens but a solid third place winner in the series.

     Michael Fassbender plays the role of David, their on ship cyborg, which follows the tradition of all the Alien movies that preceded it, and he does a fantastic job. It is difficult to portray an earlier model of cyborg (in comparison to the later models found in the other movies) and pull it off well, the ability to not portray emotion but still look sympathetic in a very non-human way is not an easy thing to pull off and he does so here. Fassbender is by far the best acting job within this movie, yes Charlize Theron is brilliant as always but even she was no match to Fassbender's brilliant performance. A shout out is deserved to the supporting cast as well, all of which did a fantastic job in bringing the story to life in a non-cheesy manner, which can be hard in sci-fi horror flicks. Ridley Scott proves once again that he is a fantastic director and knows exactly what he is doing, a job well done sir.

    As stated before the movie is beautiful, the worlds constructed are realistic and captivating, the spaceships looked pristine and gave us a feeling of "this could actually be the way things are done in the future". The movie is extremely well scripted, the dialogue and back-stories flow very well and keeps you engaged on what is happening throughout the story the whole time. There were really funny dialogue exchanges, specially between David and the rest of the crew, between him being resented by the rest of the crew as some sort of machine and him trying to be helpful while at the same time having a level of sarcasm hidden within his tone, again we already praised Fassbender but he deserves all the praise he gets, he was brilliant in this film.

    The movie is a sci-fi horror so there will be alien attacks and so forth, but even though the creatures where of alien nature never did they look "fake" or cheesy, Ridley didn't pull any punches in his attempt to make this movie feel real, and even though we are dealing with over the top notions he pulls off delivering a solid story with these creatures being involved brilliantly. The special effects team involved in this movie deserves a round of applause for they delivered a great product that looks real and scary, even if sometimes some elements might seem silly the story is still tied together well and the serious tone of each scene is directly portrayed, again Ridley's team deserves mad respect for their work in this film.

    There are a few problems with the film though, in the process of trying to answer some questions of the origin of the series Ridley does spring up more questions and does create some continuation issues, some small in nature but some pretty significant. This isn't something that most will care about but for anyone that is familiar with the series or is a fan of the "Alien" series mythos these can pose a problem for there are some elements in the movie that contradict scenes from the first Alien, which seems like bad form on Ridley's part being that he wrote the first movie to begin with. This might seem a little sticklerish of us but we feel that if you are to do a prequel to a series that you should try your best to be true to the other movies, and for the most part he was but the parts where he failed at bothersome.

    Prometheus is a great film overall though, it is about time that we got a good sci-fi horror dealing with aliens and outer-space, there hasn't been a good sci-fi horror in ages. In the end Prometheus does what it sets out to do and delivers a solid product, for fans new to the series and for veterans of the series this is a great movie to go watch, we give it a 4.7/5, we can't in good conscious give it a 5/5 due to the continuity failures, besides that though this is a "summer must watch" for sure. We hope you all have had a great week and pray that your weekend might be a safe one.

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  1. Nice review Mario. I was entertained, to say the least, but I think I was expecting something so much better after all of the promotion for this flick. Maybe it was too much like Alien.