Monday, June 4, 2012

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

     The 2012 MTV Movie Awards were packed with excitement this year, many thought that Russell Brand was going to have a mediocre performance this year but instead he surprised us all by not only doing a good job but being pretty funny as well in the process. A lot happened within this year's awards so for the sake of length we'll just be featuring the major moments that stood out to us, and finish with some critiques regarding the award. The first thing that must be said about yesterday's performance is that MTV spared no expense, the show was fantastic, the sets were awesome and the DJ did a fantastic job keeping the house alive, overall MTV set up a pretty good show, it wasn't perfect by a long shot but it was much better than many had previously speculated.

     The show was preceded by an episode of Punk'd hosted by Ashton Kutcher, sort of his come back on set and taking things to a higher level thing. The two people that were Punk'd were Drake and Kim Kardashian, Drake's prank was perfectly done and got him brilliantly, Ashton caused an earthquake to occur within a parking garage, that was pretty brilliant and got a good laugh from everyone. Kim's prank was way too over the top, she knew something was wrong from the beginning so there was no freak out from her, just her being like "this is way to weird, something is going on". Ashton makes the claim in the end that "this is how it should be done" but really he failed hardcore at his second prank, so let us hope that in subsequent shows the hosts learn from Ashton's failure and pull off more believable pranks.

    This year's MTV Awards was one of the first ones in a while that all the musical talent within it did a fantastic job, there is always one group who does a mediocre job or just doesn't "show up" when the pressure is on, but this year everyone came with their A game and the performances were fantastic. Fun. opened the show delivering a fantastic opener truly getting everyone pumped up and ready for the award show. Wiz Khalifa performed his newest single "work hard play hard" and also did a fantastic job, not his best work in my humble opinion, but a good song anyway. The highlight of this year's musical numbers had to me Johnny Depp joining "The Black Keys" on stage and showing us that he can still rock out. Johnny was presented with the "Generation Award" this year for all his years as an actor, and rightfully so, he has had a fantastic career for sure. This was by far the most epic part in the show, I recommend finding this on YouTube and taking a look, it was pretty awesome.

   A good majority of the awards were well presented, you never know with MTV movie awards, sometimes you can't help but feel like their so called "democratic voting" is not so democratic, personally I think it isn't, but some disagree with me on this. Anyway, the most deserved awards were obviously all the awards given to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games, both of which deserved every award they got for sure, from best fight to best cast to best transformation, they deserved all the awards they got. The most genuine moment within the award show was that of Emma Stone as she received the "trailblazer" award, not only did she admit to not deserving the award but had a legit "truth" moment on stage where she let her heart be known, if she didn't deserve that award before, after her speech she definitely did, Emma, way to be awesome.

    The lame awards were surprisingly all due to "Twilight", this isn't due to me having a bias against "Twilight" but the looking at the polls and seeing a race between "Harry Potter" and "Hunger Games" be overshadowed by a contestant that didn't have a strong presence in the polls to begin with, now that's just plain crazy, specially if you take twitter votes into consideration. Personally I think "Twilight" won best movie over "Harry Potter" only because another one is coming out and they need the publicity, Harry was way better than "Twilight" that isn't even a fight there. Another epic premature fail by MTV was naming "Project X" as an instant cult classic, what were they thinking here?, "our movie didn't make as much as it should have, let's make it a cult classic and people will go watch it".....lame MTV, super lame. And don't even start with "Twilight" deserving best kiss, maybe next year's award you could pull this card, but when you are competing against "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games" there is no way that "Twilight" deserved to win, this was a legit *facepalm* moment. The best part of them winning though was that fact that no one would go on stage to kiss Kristen Stewart, she kept calling different people to go and share a kiss with her and everyone was like "as if", it was pretty lolzy.

     Last but not least we got to honor Christopher Nolan for his Batman series, which was well deserved for sure, in the process we got a very heartfelt Christian Bale giving a shout out to Heath Ledger, which was quite emotional. The show overall was pretty decent and a fun watch for sure, if you missed it then go and watch some of the highlights, not something I would personally watch again, it wasn't that good, but for what is was it was a job well done. We hope you all have a fantastic week and a fantastic Monday.

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