Friday, September 7, 2012

Lawless, Paranorman and Timothy Green Review

      Unfortunately Branded is not playing in the area I currently reside, it's a super sad thing for me for I was looking forward to watching the movie ever since Comic-Con, too bad really. Out of the three movies coming out there really wasn't any other movie in the list that fit the theme that "Branded" was trying to pull, thus I dropped "Branded" and picked up a children's movie, it seemed like the right move at the time. Anyway, as soon as "Branded" makes it's way to Waco, TX I'll review it, for now though I'll just have to settle with not seeing it for a while. Maybe brands are behind "Branded" not being shown everywhere *tum tum tum*. Before we begin, if you have not read how the MMM scale works you can find the article HERE.

   Paranorman (PG) MMM: 2.5 Stars 

  It's difficult to call "Paranorman" a kids movie due to the amount of mature content within the film, I can only think of one response to this phenomenon, either there have always been adult themes in all children's movies or they recently started adding some in order to entertain parents and make more money, personally I think it's a combination of both, there have always been adult themes but lately there are a ton more. "Paranorman" is a tasteful movie about zombies and a witch causing havoc within a town and our boy Norman (who can see dead people) is the one that has to save the day. The movie is entertaining I wouldn't call it awesome, it's a fake Tim Burton picture, that's the best way to put it. There was one thing that put me off though, not because of the theme but because it didn't quite fit in the movie, the last comment by Mitch, it not only didn't fit the story but it felt like the director was trying to push a controversy on us, like maybe people would make a big deal about it and make the movie more money, who knows why he had to go that far, maybe there is a legitimate reason and that (maybe) would be ok. Adding things within a movie just for controversy without it fitting the story at all is super not cool and annoying, in fact it makes light of the controversy, a mere gimmick, but I can't fault the whole movie for one little oversight, thus the movie gets to be a little better than a Jason Statham movie.

  The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (PG) MMM: 3 stars

  One of the most important things in going to watch this movie is knowing that it does have a slow pace, more so than what you are probably accustomed to. The movie is about Timothy Green and how he came miraculously to two parents who wanted kids, their relationship with him and his impact on the community they live in. The movie starts with both parents in the adoption clinic telling the odd story of Timothy in order to try to convince the agency to allow them to adopt, that's basically the whole story summed down. Now this is what most will see when they watch this flick, but there is more to this movie. What this movie is really about relates to the very real difficulties in parenting, the fact that no matter how hard you try you can never stop making mistakes, and it is all due to love, it is all due to care, and that's beautiful. There was a line in the movie where the head lady in the agency asks them "will you stop making those mistakes that you made with Timothy if you adopt?" and their reply is not only the most honest reply ever but the sort of reply every honest parent would have to make if put in a similar circumstance, "no, no, we would try to not make the same mistakes, but we would probably learn from making new ones", this is the kind of self-assessment every parent should have. The movie is moving and I recommend it, it isn't a perfect movie but it was an  emotional experience.

   Lawless (R) MMM: 4 stars 

     If I were to list the whole stellar cast that is involved within this movie it would take up half of this paragraph, thus I'll forgo that, but check out the cast HERE. The first thing that needs to be said about this film is that it is based off of a true story, and that's pretty awesome. I did do some reading on the event after watching the movie and for the most part the screen adaptation was done pretty well, so that's two thumbs up so far. The movie is thoroughly entertaining, it keeps you engaged from beginning to end, it messes with you at times and plays on your emotions, "Lawless" will keep you engaged and emotionally involved till it's very end, I definitely recommend this movie. There is one thing though that I must warn you about, this movie is violent, not your standard violent, but old country violent, some scenes are rough to see, just be prepared for that if you go watch it. The movie was great though, Tom Hardy truly has come a long way as an actor, this was a great performance by him. If you got some time I recommend you give this movie a shot, I really enjoyed it.

   And there you have it, hope you have a great weekend and pray that it might be a safe one,

  Love from your humble blogger,

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