Friday, September 28, 2012

sWooZie Will Make Your Friday Awesome

   Due to movie theaters in my area deciding that midnight movies and premiers are a no go, all movie posts will from this point on be moved to Saturdays, this way I get to watch every movie prior to talking about them, what kind of reviewer would I be if I didn't watch everything I reviewed. So in keeping with the theme for this week I wanted to introduce you to another YouTube channel I've been a fan of for a long time, this guys is hilarious and definitely is deserving of your time. I'll try to post some of these in order and yes some of them are long, but def worth a watch, I promise you won't regret it, well I hope you won't at least. sWooZie is hilarious, give it a watch and if you enjoy some of the videos here be sure to go on his page and watch the rest of them, they will provide you with some lolz for sure. 


I hope these brighten your day if you are having a bad day, if you're having a good day then I hope these make it that much more awesome. sWooZie is a boss, make sure to check out the rest of his videos, he's got some really good stuff on his page.

  Love from your humble blogger,

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