Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Be In The Know Friday's: A New Update

   With a new rating system, MMM, in place now we can start looking at the changes the blog will be taking regarding our Friday posts. During the summer it made sense to make Friday be the designated movie day where some of the bigger movies coming out where reviewed and fully critiqued. Now that the summer has past and the end of the year blockbusters are still so far away it just doesn't make sense anymore to spend a whole post talking about a mediocre movie that is coming out, thus a new standard is going to be set, from now on every time we are at the "off season of good movies" the blog will review three to six movies that have either come out and been neglected or are coming out in the particular weekend the post is done in.

    Other movies that have already come out might make their way into the list as well, as in *remember this old classic* type deal, the possibilities are endless. So instead of seeing a (as in one) movie being reviewed on Fridays you'll see either three or more movies being reviewed, this chain will of course be broken if a movie comes out that deserves a full page review, right now the chances of this happening are slim for the movie selection hasn't really impressed much, their doing a remake of Dredd for crying out loud! Anyway, I hope this change might make our Friday posts more entertaining to you being that we'll be covering more genres as well.

   Well here is a line up for the next four weeks (the movies are subject to change):

September 7th

  The Odd Life Of Timothy Green


September 14th

   Resident Evil: Retribution

   The Words

   Hit And Run

September 21st

    Dredd 3D

    Trouble With The Curve

    End of Watch

September 29th


     Hotel Transylvania

     The Master

    Hope this change will not only engage more readers but allow for more feedback regarding our Friday posts, always good to change things up from time to time,

  Love from your humble blogger,

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