Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Dredd", "End Of Watch" And Clint's Latest Reviewed

    There were a lot of good movies that came out this weekend, more than I could watch in a few days that's for sure. The one movie I wanted to watch the most was "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" and though I sought the movie out I cannot for the life of me find a movie theater close to where I live that is playing the movie, which saddens me greatly. There are a lot of mixed reviews flowing the web regarding this movie, I recommend you check it out, let me know what you think, should I even bother with trying to watch it? Anyway, on we go. If you are new to the blog and are not familiar to our rating scale, MMM, then please read the article explaining it HERE.

  End Of Watch (R) MMM Rating 4 stars

    I've seen a lot of cop movies over my life, some good, most bad, but honestly I felt like this was the first "real" police officer movie I've ever seen. The cast was perfect, it felt real, it was raw and it did not attempt to apologize for itself, this movie was fantastic. Be warned that there are some really hard scenes to watch in this movie but they are real scenes, they touch on the basic cruel nature of humanity while at the same time others scenes touch on the beauty that can be found in humans as well. This is the first movie I've ever seen that depicts the life of a police officer in such a realistic way, it is a movie so there will be flaws, but there is no other movie out there that makes you respect the job like this one, in fact you leave the movie theater with a new perspective on what a police officer experiences. If you are ok with strong movies do go watch this one, it was a great flick, one you should own for sure and the best movie to come out this weekend.

   Dredd (R) MMM Rating 3 stars  

    Many people don't know this but Judge Dredd is based off of a comic book, shocking I know. This is important to note, for this is no re-make of the butchered attempt by Stallone so many years back, but a true representation of the comic books, this is a real Dredd movie. With that noted you should expect a few things, tons of violence, tons of gore, tons of curse words, lots of fight scenes, and very little dialogue. If you are ok with all that then you're set for an awesome experience. Dredd is not a movie for everyone and I think that fans of the comics will be the ones to love this movie the most, but it was an entertaining movie, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but I did enjoy it. If you are familiar with the comic books you know where I'm coming from, they are a fun read but not everyone could deal with the heavy material. In the end though this was a great Dredd movie, definitely go watch it if you are a fan.

   Trouble With The Curve (PG-13) MMM Rating 2.5 stars

   I love Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams is as fantastic as ever but this movie is only any good or captivating at all because of them two, that's an undeniable fact. Had there been two other actors doing this movie and this flick would have been an overall flop. The movie is a fun Saturday afternoon film, it doesn't have an original plot, or a twist, you know what's going to happen even before you watch it, but it still was a entertaining experience. It's not the greatest movie Clint has ever been in but it's not the worst, it's something in the middle that reminds us that Clint is still just a man and that sometimes he can be in mediocre movies. If you are looking for something simple, something you can count on not to shock you or challenge you, then this is the movie for you. I think everyone will enjoy this movie, it was a good movie, but it just simply wasn't great.

     The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (PG-13) MMM Rating [pending]

 Watch the preview, it looks great, if you have a chance to watch it then let me know what you thought.


And there you have it, hope you all have a great weekend and pray that it is a safe one for all of you,

    Love from your humble blogger,

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